Totally addicted to Quavers!!


Some Autistic kids are fussy eaters, some don’t like their food to touch on the plate, other only like certain colours or textures, some will like anything and everything.  My J has a very restricted diet of Weetabix, Chicken Fingers (Chick Sticks as we like to call them), Potato Waffles, Dairy Milk and QUAVERS!!!  We have seen dieticians, we have tried everything to increase her range of foods but nothing has worked and everyday she eats the same food.  We used to feel bad because who in their right mind would let their kids sit and eat packets and packets of Quavers??? But she is so skinny, the dietician said let her eat what she likes to eat, otherwise she may eat nothing!!

So we do (within reason), and in our house we have a cupboard that is filled with Quavers.  Whenever she needs a snack, she just goes and gets a packet of Quavers.  They calm her down too, when she’s hungry she can go into meltdown, so I always take them wherever we go.

She has given them pride of place in her pleasures book!!ImageAnd the other day when she was at school and needed a snack, one of the TA’s went home and got her a packet of Quavers 🙂

We must look so funny when we go shopping because half of the trolley is filled with Quavers, and if there is a special offer on we tend to go a little overboard.  So if anyone from Walkers is reading this and wants to send your favourite customer some free crisps it would be much appreciated LOL


2 thoughts on “Totally addicted to Quavers!!

  1. J’s diet is very similar to my daughters! the docs have referred to hers as a ‘beige diet’. we have tried and failed to introduce her to other foods and failed, all apart from baked beans

    • sometimes you can do more harm than good, it’s the same with bedtimes, it’s easier to let them stay up until they are ready than fight for hours trying to make them sleep!!lol

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