Home Educating me or her???

Day 1 and we have tried to chill.  We went to the Beach which was lovely and quiet while everyone else is in school.  We drew pictures in the sand, collected stones and ran with the dog.  We played on the park (although she wasn’t keen) and then we came home for a rest and some lunch.

I wasn’t going to push it but she asked when we were going to be doing some school work, so we got out a maths book and did some questions together.  They were ok but I have learned she isn’t a keen fan of writing.  Then the next page were subtractions, which got her all excited as she loves them!! So I showed her how I do them (borrowing from the tens) but that isn’t what she likes to do, she needs paper to work it out.  So we got some paper and she taught me a whole new way of subtraction.  It was so cool.

We did some work on Nouns next, which again was ok, just needed to make sure we didn’t do too much to quickly.  She seemed to enjoy it, but was saved by the bell when we got a parcel delivery!! lol

After a break and a play on her own we decided to research the Fennec Foxes, so we went on the Kids National Geographical Website to find some fun facts.  I stuck a picture in a book and asked if we found some facts could she write them down.  Again she wasn’t keen on the writing part, so I didn’t push it.  But when we had finished I think she was glad to retreat back to her bedroom.


Day 2 wasn’t great.  I have realised that Jamie learns best from reading and online learning.  She doesn’t like “doing it together” and i’m not allowed to read or explain.  She wanted to learn about plants so I got a book, but she was frustrated by the fact that she already knew about pollination and photosynthesis and I read too slowly for her!! So I asked if she wanted to read the book on her own, but she didn’t.  I got a primary history through the ages book from the cupboard (she loves history) but again she didn’t want me there and she sat and read the whole book (apart from modern day as she lives it why would she need to read about it!!).  We decided to do some online stuff next and go on BBC Bitesize literacy, but we got a powercut half way through and lost the internet.  So we packed up the laptop and went to Wetherspoons to combine lunch with free internet access.  OMG she loved it, she was so calm with her chicken nuggets and chips while we looked at some bitesize science and played a maths game.  We will be returning to do some work in Wetherspoons in the near future!! lol

We finished the day at the beach – lovely :0)



2 thoughts on “Home Educating me or her???

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  2. Great you’ve been by my blog – I hope you’re finding some help and support there. I’m sure you’ll find your way with home educating – as you say; it’s as much about us learning as the children! I always say that ‘home’ education is the wrong title as, like you describe, far more learning goes on when you’re out than in. The secret to home educating successfully is to keep your mind wide open to the fact that learning really does happen any time, anywhere, any setting, any approach and break out of that idea that it only takes place in school, in classrooms, sitting down being taught! I think you’re finding your way already! All the best, may you have as happy a time as we did!

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