Autism and A&E

So this week we had an accident.  Playing hide and seek she bashed her foot off the skirting  board.  She screamed as if she was being murdered, but her pain threshold is too pot so I thought she was probably over reacting (once she got in a red hot bath and said it was cold)???

Woke up the next morning and her foot was swollen and bruised and she couldn’t walk on it properly – so a trip to A&E it was.  In the car on the way there I prepared her for all eventualities and she seemed fairly happy.  So I sat her on a chair when we got there and I registered her.  I explained what had happened and could they let the doctor know that she is Autistic for when we go in.

We had no wait and were called straight in, the doctor was great, had a look and asked her walk and explained that she thought it was broken and we would need an x-ray.  She gave us a form and off we went to X-ray.  Again I explained everything to Jamie on the way down to X-ray so that she was prepared and we took a seat.  Again no wait and we got called straight in.  Then we saw this …


… and she freaked out!! A quick explanation to the Radiographer, who came down to J’s level and explained there was nothing to worry about and put her at ease.  We went in and because the Radiographer so good everything went great (I was expecting a huge freak out).

So back down to A&E, where the doctor looked straight at the X-rays and told us, no break just badly bruised and we could go home … phew!

I’m not sure this is a typical experience of Autism & A&E, but we certainly got a lucky break.


And a sticker to say “I’ve been X-rayed”, which she got to show off to her little brother 🙂


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