Making the best of a bad job!!

So yesterday we headed off to North East Live.  Jamie got up at 4am with a mixture of excitement and anxiety.  We headed over to the North East in the car, first stop to check in at our hotel, The Swallow in Gateshead.  The room wasn’t ready but she loved the hotel so we used the toilet and headed off to meet friends for the concert.  We got a lift to the Metro and then the Metro to Sunderland Stadium of Light.   The kids thought the Metro was brilliant.  After getting our bearings we heading into the stadium just in time for the first act – James Arthur.


Well she loved it, clapped along, swayed her arms, sang.  What a relief.  Next up were the Vamps, then Amelia Lilly – again brilliant and she was in her element.  Went for a toilet break and whilst sat on the toilet she realised someone had come on and we were going to miss them!! I reassured her we would be fine as we were finished now anyway, but she was worried.  We hurried back into the stadium and “BANG” sensory overload.  Union J were on and she was desperate to see them but the noise was too much.  I covered her ears, which didn’t help and she wont use ear plugs or ear defenders.  So we went to find a quiet space – ??? Nowhere was quiet.  You couldn’t leave the stadium or you wouldn’t be allowed back in and the outside area had loud music and a fairground.  We tried every nook and cranny but nothing was remotely quiet.  She was really upset by now when a lovely Steward asked if he could help.  I explained the situation and he took us to the staff entrance and exit, took us out of the stadium and was fantastic talking to Jamie and helping to calm her down.  He said whenever she needed a break they would let us in and out there – Fab.  So we went back in happy and saw the end of Union J and then Stooshie.  It all got too much again so we went out but within a minute being out a gentleman was ejected by approx 20 security guards and then the police were called.  It was quite a violent altercation and I was asked to take Jamie far away.  This meant we couldn’t get back into the Stadium 😦

We found a Steward who let us back in, but by now she’d seen and heard far too much.  So my friend told us how to get back to our car and off we went.

Back on the Metro and Jamie loved it, then we got a taxi back to our car.  It was her first time in a taxi and she was so excited.  She paid the fair at the end too.  We jumped in the car and headed back to the hotel.  She loved the room and straight away was calm and relaxed.


But we couldn’t get wifi in the room so we went down to reception; where the signal was better.  We spent the whole evening eating quavers and drinking Pepsi Max and she chatted away with Brian on Reception like he was her best friend.


She had a great nights sleep and didn’t even stir when the hen party next door came back at 1.30am full of life.  (Saw them at Breakfast – rather them than me lol).  We got up, showered and dressed and headed to breakfast.  There was nothing she liked but she let me have a fry up whilst playing with some ice cubes.  The hotel did try and accommodate her but she is so funny with food!!


At 8.30 this morning we were visiting the Angel of the North.  I’ve heard good and bad views of the Angel but myself and Jamie loved it!!

So to sum things up, I won’t be taking her to a again concert any time soon, but we will by going back to Newcastle and staying in the Swallow Hotel.  When I asked her how her weekend had been, she said other than the noise at the concert it was BRILLIANT and the hotel was amazing ❤





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