A wonderful week

Well where to start.  We have done so much this past week.  We started going to Tots swimming on a Monday morning (it’s officially for 0-5’s but they said I can take Jamie to that session), she loves it, it is very quiet and lots of toys so an ideal time for us to swim.  Big thanks to Egremont Swimming Pool for that.

ImageThen we had an appointment at the Complementary Care Centre in the afternoon, Jamie did geometric maths puzzles with wooden shapes, played the piano and had her therapy session.  What a wonderful day.

Tuesday we started horse riding, so off we went to The Cumberland Lodge (recommended by a friend) http://thecumberlandlodgestables.weebly.com/our-ponieshorses.html, we looked round the stables first to get used to the place, fed the lambs some buttercups and then Jamie was introduced to the pony she would be riding “Raine”.  She was so happy, the whole lesson she followed every instruction given to her by the teacher and she never had a grin off her face.  It was so lovely to watch.

ImageWe then went for lunch to Wetherspoons (Jamie’s favourite place) and chilled out for the afternoon as she was so tired.

Wednesday we volunteered at the Centre for Complementary Care http://cccare.org/, where Jamie baked cakes for the other volunteers to have at their tea break.  She loved it, but ate too much sugar when decorating the cakes so we ended up with an afternoon on the sofa feeling a bit sick (she said it was worth it).

Thursday we watched series 2 and 3 of Horrible Histories before they needed to go back to the library and Jamie went to a friends house for tea.  It was the first time in ages she has done this and I was so worried, but she had a great time and didn’t want to come home.

Friday saw the release of The Sims 3 Expansion Pack Island Paradise which she has been patiently waiting for.  So we had a trip into town to buy this, post a letter and then back home to build house boats on The Sims 3!!


Saturday there was a Medieval Children’s Day to raise funds for the Centre, so we went along, the kids had a great time and played nicely together most of the time.  They did crafts, played on the bouncy castle, watched science experiments, bid on the silent auction, did the raffle and had a go at ARCHERY!! It was so much fun.  Joe went first and Jamie listened to every word the man spoke so that when it was her turn she knew exactly what to do.  That is something I will definitely look at doing again in the future.

Sunday was another horse riding lesson as my in laws had come up for the weekend and Jamie wanted them to see her riding, so they took her to the stables and this time she rode a horse called Penny.  During her lesson she said to the teacher “i can’t do this” and the teacher replied “well you wouldn’t be here if you could!” (fantastic response).  Then Sunday afternoon was Joe’s football presentation night, we didn’t know if we should take her as there was lots going on for kids, but we didn’t want to spoil her little brothers night if she had a meltdown.  So Grandma came to babysit while we took Joe off to his night (he won most dedicated BTW and is also going to Carlisle United Football academy) we are so proud.  He misses out on lots of things but we always make sure he never misses his football.Image


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