Too Hot to Handle

So this week we haven’t got much done.  We did the usual and all was ok until Thursday.  We had a trip planned to go on a little steam train, but it was pouring down and Jamie DID NOT want to go.  So I cancelled it.  I am sure she would have enjoyed it when she got there but I just didn’t feel like risking it.  So instead we went to Planet Play that had opened that morning.  With the promise of a sensory room Jamie was excited, but when we arrived the sensory room was not finished.  I was nervous, but she took it in her stride.  She went on the soft play (which she doesn’t usually like) but she seemed to enjoy it.  This was the first time at soft play when the other kids are at school, so it was lovely and quiet.  I was allowed onto the slides with her so that was fun, but she was soon bored.  For some reason you pay for 2 hours at this one, which will be great for regular kids but for someone like Jamie it is too much and when you’re not working it can be a struggle.  She spotted the Go Karts and decided she would have a ago on them (£1 a go), so not too bad.  I really didn’t want her too go on them because her coordination is so bad I thought she would get hurt.  But I kept it to myself and let her make the decision.  OMG she loved it!!


So she had another go!! Luckily they were very slow and easy to steer, and luckily she was on her own in there or it could have been more like the dodgems than a go kart.  Now Joe wants to go, but I will have to wait for a day when I am feeling brave.  Joe will love it and want to stay for the full 2 hours, but it will be busy and Jamie will hate it.  So anyone reading this who knows me and fancies taking Joe to Planet Play … feel free 🙂

A little side note, we ordered a new T-shirt this week (different from the NAS one she is wearing in the picture) as we always wear this when we are going anywhere busy, we thought we could do with another one.  So we ordered one from that we had seen on and it is fab.  Here is a picture of her wearing her t-shirt (which she wants as a dress).


They have lots of different designs which I found quite refreshing.  Jamie chose this one herself as she thought it was funny.  Aukids have a quarterly magazine which I would highly recommend.  At £10 a year (£2.50) an issue, it is very reasonably priced and has some brilliant content.



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