All About Joe

This is Joe, Jamie’s little brother.  He is 7 and as any of you with ASD children and NT children will know he puts up with a lot.  He rarely moans and takes most things on the chin.  Image

Joe is my little star.  Over the last 7 years he has seen and done things that most 7 year old’s couldn’t even begin to imagine.  He misses out on so much due to his sister’s issues.  We can’t go out for normal family days to the park or the beach, so he spends most of his time playing football or bikes on the Estate where we live (he is always out and about, so different to Jamie).

There is one things he never misses out on and that is his football.  Regardless of Jamie being dragged to training and matches kicking and screaming Joe is always there (he got most dedicated player at his first presentation night).  He knows that sometimes we can’t watch but the fact that he gets there is enough.

Today is Joe’s birthday party.  He will be 8 on Christmas Day.  He never gets a decent party and the one’s he has had it has snowed or no one has turned up due to it being the festive period.  So this year we decided to give him a party in the summer.  He has chosen a football party and invited his whole team.  He is so excited.  We went shopping together this morning for food (leaving Jamie at home with daddy as she was in meltdown due to the heat).  We have made the buffet and now he is clock watching for 4pm.  We will no doubt have a major meltdown when we try to get Jamie ready for Joe’s party, but she will come, as this day is all about Joe and she needs to realise that the whole world does not revolve around her.  Sometimes I wish she understood just how much we all sacrifice for her.  Maybe when she is older she will read my blogs?

But today is All About Joe 🙂


One thought on “All About Joe

  1. Hope the football star has a great time, he deserves a good party with his team mates. xxx
    Bless her, it is warm and there is no escape from the heat. xxx

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