No Sports Day Drama

It’s been a tough week, not just with the weather but even though we are home educating Jamie her timetable is a bit muddled up due to things we needed to do for Joe.  He had a Rugby Festival which we could go and watch, so that was an afternoon changed as I didn’t want to miss it and then Sports Day.  Jamie didn’t handle the Rugby Festival too well so I posted on the Facebook group that I run asking for idea to keep her happy at sports day.  I had loads of great responses but one really stood out, which was to take a tent.  So Wednesday morning I packed everything we needed.  Tent, IPod, 3DS, Earphones, Ear defenders, Chewigems, a magazine, cool spray, water and snacks! Image

I was so nervous (as last year was a disaster) but as you can see above I need not have worried.  She sat in the tent for 2 1/2 hours playing on her ipod, chewing on her chewigem and having the occasional spray of the cool spray.  I don’t even think she realised that sports day was going on around her.  I saw all of Joe’s races with no meltdowns or interruptions, I chatted to other parents and had a lovely morning.  When the winner was announced and it was time to go Jamie didn’t want to leave.  She said she had so much fun 🙂 So when we got home I simply recreated it in the back garden.  Wednesday was a very very peaceful day … all thanks to a £8.99 tent from Wilkinsons (i’m sure loads of places do them)


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