All about Jamie

Hi my name is Jamie.  I am a 9 year old girl with Autism and you might have seen me if you have went onto the Chewigem Facebook page (link here) or the Chewigem website (link here)


I am in all these pictures.  I used to go to a school called Orgill, but I moved to a school called All Saints which had a special facility but then I moved to Home School.  My mom home schools me and I think it is good for me.  I still miss my friends from my other schools though.

In my family there is my mom, my dad, my brother Joe and my dog called Roxy.  Below is a picture of Roxy, isn’t she a beautiful dog?


I like to go on my IPod and my Computer, I especially like playing on a game series called The Sims.  I also like playing on a game called Minecraft which you have probably heard about – since everyone has heard about Minecraft!! I also like reading books, my favourite book series is called The Hunger Games.  I also like being around my dog.  I also like going horse riding and swimming.

I dislike illuminous yellow, Sponge Bob Square Pants, trying new foods, loud noises (except for if I make the loud noises) he he he.

Since I started Home Schooling I thought it might be good to a Blog every week about what I have liked and disliked and how made it me feels so that other people can understand.

If you have any questions I’ll answer them.

Bye, see ya next week.


9 thoughts on “All about Jamie

  1. Loved reading this jamie, your right Roxy is beautiful. I also enjoy Horse Riding. Cant wait to read more of your blogs, Well done !!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Wow I love your blog. I agree Roxy is beautiful. Our family has a black cat called Totoro. My son is 9 and has aspergers. He can’t wait for school to finish next week.

  3. I must be old fashioned, I haven’t heard of Minecraft you can explain it to me next time we meet. It’s lovely to read your

  4. Hi Jamie

    I loved reading your blog and I’m really looking forward to reading your next one. It will be great to hear all about how you are getting on with home school, your riding and your swimming. xxxx

  5. I loved reading your blog and we all know what a cutie Roxy is – and she knows it!!!. Will be reading next week – Well done 🙂

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