York Part 2

The Journey to Eden Camp from our hotel on paper seemed a pretty simple one.  So we set off.  We were too early so stopped at a shopping centre along the way as there was a Game shop and a Sport Direct (both kids happy).  So we did sports direct and then on the way over to Game Jamie went into meltdown.  She started banging her head off a shop window repeatedly.  I thought I would be clever and do the same (sort of shock tactics) but my head hit the solid glass window and I nearly knocked myself out! If it had been a cartoon I would have been seeing stars.  How she manages to do that is beyond me? She stopped doing the head banging to call me stupid (fair point) popped into Game and then on our way happy again.

We had no idea but it was York races and the traffic was horrendous.  We were on the way to Malton and stuck in non moving traffic when Jamie needs the toilet.  So we jump out of the car for an “emergency wee”, but she couldn’t do it unless she was on a toilet.  Back in the car I promise to stop at the next opportunity, but we are not moving and she is getting more and more desperate.  The more I suggest trying an “emergency wee” the more stressed out she gets.  First she screams, then she cries because it hurts, then the whole contents of the back of the car is flung at everyone, she then kicks her brother in the head, but the worst part is when she grabbed her head phones and started to strangle herself with the chord 😦 I am so glad Grandma was in the back with her to grab that wire, at this point I am trying my hardest not to cry and tell Jamie that she must never do anything like that to me again (because I was so scared), she just continues to shout and cry and tell me she hates me and then grabs the ipod charger to try and strangle herself again 😦 Luckily by this point we were moving and I could pull off at a local village to find toilets.  Took me a while to find them and by this point I was totally worn out so no idea how Jamie was feeling? So I stopped and Grandma took her to the toilets while I calmed myself and tidied the car up.  (Joe utilised her ear defenders, and we will use them for him again as he couldn’t cope with her noise).

Who came back from the toilet was a totally different girl, happy and skipping.  So off we went to Eden Camp.


The reason for the trip was because Joe is missing a school trip to Eden Camp so we took him so he would know what they were talking about at school.  Turns out it was too much for Joe.  While Jamie was in her element reading all the information and experiencing the Blitz I think it dawned on Joe what people back in those days went through.  When we went through the Blitz he was sad that children had actually been there and when he saw the malnutritioned POWs he was nearly sick.  I suppose it is hard to understand that life hasn’t always been like it is now.

As for Jamie she would go again in a heartbeat.  I’m sure that 2 hour journey from York to Malton has completly gone from her mind, where as for me I am left worrying what she may try and do to herself in the future …



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