Between a Rock and a Hard Place

So it’s the school holidays and as Jamie doesn’t go to school it doesn’t really affect her, but this is my chance to spend some quality time with my boy.  The problem is Jamie refuses to go out and tries to spend most of her time naked in her room watching Minecraft on You Tube.  Joe on the other hand loves to be busy and out and about doing things.  So we got up this morning (Jamie got her pull ups off and then back to bed for her) and I spent some quality time with Joe snuggled on the sofa watching TV.  Then he decided he would get dressed and call for his friend, while I tackled Literacy with Jamie.  The literacy went well but Joe’s friend wasn’t playing out.  So he asked if we could go to Planet Play.  Jamie agreed so off we went (picking up grandma along the way) (I don’t do much alone as it’s too much hard-work and the other half is generally at work).  Jamie decided she is hungry and wants to go to Wetherspoons, but Joe doesn’t want to.  After some arguing we agree on 9 chicken nuggets from the drive through.  So she eats them along the way to Planet Play.  When we get there it is mega busy, so I ask if she really wants to go in as it might be noisy.  Yes she does so in we go.  The minute she gets in she starts to scream and cover her ears and start hitting out.  Joe has already ran off! So I get him back and the woman refunds our money and out we go.  Joe is in tears and so is Jamie and I don’t know what to do, which one do you comfort as neither will have grandma at this point.  Grandma suggests taking Joe back into Planet Play while myself and Jamie go to Wetherspoons.  Seems like a plan.  So mam and Joe go back in and me and Jamie drive off.  Jamie then grabs the AUX wire and tries to strangle herself again (this is becoming a problem now).  So i pull over and remove the wire, she is in complete meltdown now and only wants to go home, but I can’t go home because by the time I get there I will need to come back for Joe and mam.  I’m crying now and she is crying and I really just don’t know where to go from here.  I just start driving round while she hits herself in the head.  I stop at Dunmail Park Shopping Centre to go to the toilet and be sick, not sure if it’s because of the stress or the fact I still haven’t eaten.  I grab a Topic from the shop cos I need something and then try and divert Jamie’s attention that we are in a shopping centre 😦 I drive round a little more and then head back to Planet Play, where Jamie announces that if it is quiet she will go back in!! So we have a look and it is quiet and we go in.  Joe looks like he has had a great time and mam shows me some photo’s.


So Jamie runs off to play and Joe tells me there are two boys going round making fun of people and I see them having a go at Jamie.  This could end one of two ways, my mam  goes over as i’m not sure what I will do as i’m still a little bit fragile from the previous meltdown.  Anyway all is well so we have a coffee while the kids play.  Jamie is a totally different girl (she really is like Jekyll and Hyde).  I see the boys going over to her again so go to intervene, they’ve called her Dork and i’m about to say something when she replies “actually my name is Jamie”.  Good girl.

Anyway tonight I have treated myself to this – 😉


Oh and as a footnote to add to her limited diet the whole experience of today means she no longer likes Mcdonalds 😦


One thought on “Between a Rock and a Hard Place

  1. Wow Lorraine, every time I read your blog I am inspired to be better. I dont face the issues you do and you always handle it so well , you are a trooper and never lose sight of the fact you do a great, fantastic and amazing job x

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