Sensory Overload and Synesthesia

I have been very interested in Synesthesia since Jamie often relates things she feels and smells to colours.  Some people with Synesthesia see days of the week as colours, numbers as colours, or letters as colours.  Jamie will often say something smells a certain colour or feels a certain colour or she feels a certain colour and she tastes smells.  More recently when she goes into sensory overload it involves colours.Image

So far I have worked out that Illuminous Yellow is bad, if something feels bad or she feels bad she screams yellow.  She hates sponge bob square pants too!! Purple is relaxed and fleecy feelings are purple.  Blue is sleepy and cars feel blue.  Red is when things feel nice and she is happy.  Green is when she is feeling awesome.  There is something for white and see through but i’m not 100% sure what these mean yet.  When Jamie is immensely happy she will run around hyper shouting “Green Green Green”.

Having worked this out it makes it a bit easier during her sensory overload.  When she goes into meltdown she either hits out or screams and at the moment it is colours.  So it is well worth knowing what the colours mean.  If she screaming Green or Red I know she is going to come out of it okay, but if she is screaming Yellow then it’s going to be a bad one.

The sensory overloads have been happening more regularly recently so I am trying to get her to do as much sensory play as possible.   Which worked out well this weekend, cos when visiting my in laws we came across a sensory soft play.

1102502_10151728687467954_1271657089_o 1167421_10151728692212954_1098465168_o 1167545_10151728691237954_1799507086_o 1149252_10151728690657954_670006850_o 1082403_10151728689652954_437956128_o 1097706_10151728689007954_1469654513_o1172518_10151728661272954_1143283331_o

She also did some rope climbing and Nerf Gun shooting.  She was actually too tall to go into the soft play but I explained how beneficial it would be for her and as it was quiet they allowed her in.  £5 for 2 and a half hours!! Not bad, even though I knew she wouldn’t last that amount of time I would have happily paid for her to have a quick tour of the place!

I wish there were things like this near us, it would be brilliant.



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