Food Glorious Food

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It’s the Bank Holiday weekend and we booked to go to Blackpool.  We usually go to Cyprus for our holiday but since the in laws moved back to the UK we have had to think again about going abroad and it is mainly due to food.

When we booked Blackpool we thought a nice hotel with B&B would be great because she likes toast.  McDonalds for lunch and Wetherspoons or tea.  The first morning in the restaurant and Jamie refused to eat as it’s the wrong toast and it smells funny.  Between booking the hotel and now she has gone off McDonalds so we decided for these few days we would have Wetherspoons for lunch and tea.  Lunchtime we went to Wetherspoons (maybe because it was so busy) but the food was awful.  When it arrived it didn’t look like her usual nuggets and chips (totally different colour nuggets) to be fair she tried it, but it was not nice 😦

So that evening we had crisps for tea (Jamie had her Quavers and we had pringles) not what I was hoping for on our holidays.  Luckily my in laws were coming the following day to take Jamie back with them for a week.  So I rang them and asked if they would bring some chick sticks for her.

Jamie had 2 days in Blackpool and had an absolutely amazing time and we would come back, but we would have to be in a caravan or something that we could make her food.  We have had a day with Joe today and it’s been so relaxed, hotel breakfast, burgers from the burger van, pub meal.  Which has made us realise that we need to really think about holidays in the future.  Jamie’s food is so limited, we are worried we have now put her off Wetherspoons! If that is the case we have nowhere left to eat out again.  So abroad no longer looks like an option, I think the best thing would be a caravan, but then it’s a whole different issue that caravans don’t have wifi …

I would love to know what other people do in this situation?


4 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food

  1. Having 4 children and 2 with autism means we take individual breaks to cater for each. Logan n Skye are very fussy with food also and about sleeping elsewhere. So we do a long weekend at a small family holiday camp in wales with just a park, near the beach and an asda and do all the cooking ourselves. We split ourselves up and take the chidlren t do thing they like ie asd kids on the beach and non asd kids arcade.
    We then take the 2 asd children away for a long weekend on there own to a camp that has nothing but caravans a pool and a park, perfect fro them as it includes all things they like. Then we take our other 2 non asd children to butlins/haven for a ling weekend wheres its all singing and all dancing and they love it.
    I hate to split them up but am realistic that my asd and non asd children need different experiences to suit them, but we ensure we still do at least one break all together to get family memories. So rather than a week we do 3 long weekends, and always the same place.

  2. You say you tried a B&B so I guess this means that Jamie can cope with being in a home which isn’t hers in which case I would try staying in self catering cottages. We go via a website called Cottages4you.
    I’m gluten intolerant and have multiple health issues so we need some tailored to ourselves rather than a standard holiday. Most places have wifi (and will list if they do) all have their own kitchens, some allow dogs and the majority of them aren’t far from super markets and things like that. You will be able to make Jamie things you are sure she will eat as you can take or buy the correct brands of food, you can also take her own bedding, toys, plates and cutlery if she needs them. Hopefully that means Jamie will cope with a holiday 🙂

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