Sleep Needed

When Jamie was a baby she slept through from 5 weeks old.  She had 2 naps a day both 2 hours long.  We couldn’t believe our luck.  Then as she approached 1 this all changed.  She was still fine going to sleep but she would wake often during the night with night terrors or crying for no apparent reason.  She was soon talking and when we asked her what was wrong she would say over and over “I Don’t Know”.  For her first birthday we bought her a TV for her bedroom.  Call us bad parents but she would be awake for 5 -6 hours during the night and we needed to sleep and nothing else had worked.  She would watch Balamory and was happy and calm in her cot while we caught up on some much needed sleep.

naps were never a problem

naps were never a problem

The sleep problems have been an ongoing battle.  I tried everything to get her into a routine at night time and thought I must be doing something wrong.  When we started to suspect Autism something clicked and I let her dictate when she was ready for bed (much later than the routines I had tried) but this worked for a long time.  We then had problems getting up in the mornings!!

As she got older the time she would finally fall asleep has got later and later and if she could she would easily sleep until midday (I have to wake her at 8am for the school run)  It has now got to the point where she can still be on her ipod at 2am while the rest of the house is sleeping (if she’s happy) if she’s not happy the rest of the house is not sleeping – and you just can’t live like that.  She often has a night where she doesn’t sleep at all and then eventually drifts off around 6am, this happened 2 nights ago and she managed to finally get to sleep at 7.20am.  Me, hubby and Joe were so tired.  Last night I slept with her (much to her protest) but someone needed to keep her quiet so the rest of the house could sleep.

We have been offered melatonin before but have never wanted to use it, but with school starting again tomorrow for Joe and me and hubby walking around like Zombies (the dog is even tired) we have decided to give it a try.  So we picked up the prescription this morning and I am hoping to give her the first capsule at 9pm tonight.

Hopefully my next blog will be telling you all how wonderful melatonin is – as that is what I have heard from so many other people.  I’m crossing my fingers tightly).

She can't continue to spend her days like this!!

She can’t continue to spend her days like this!!


2 thoughts on “Sleep Needed

  1. I know how you feel, lack of sleep is really tough and I find people judge us as bad parents when what we want is support, so we don’t talk about how we’ve been up all night. Really hope the melatonin works for you, it’s no miracle cure but it has helped Aimee, although hubby did tell me he woke last night to Aimee sat up in bed having a conversation with me, both of us still asleep! lol x

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