“Mellow” tonin

So my last blog was all about lack of sleep and how were going to finally give melatonin a try.  Well we gave her the first dose (she’s on 2mg) on Wednesday evening and she slept from around 11pm to 9am in the morning.  We weren’t expecting such a good night after the first dose but it was wonderful.  She woke up and her exact words were “is this what is feels like to have 10 hours sleep?” YES “this is amazing”.  Unfortunately she proceeded to vomit 3 times 😦

We didn’t know if this was a side affect or a coincidence so I asked my Chewigem friends (who I can count on for anything like this) https://www.facebook.com/chewigem and most people thought it was a coincidence.  She wasn’t sick again but she slept all day on the sofa and ate nothing, so we decided not to give her melatonin that evening, and to be honest she didn’t need it, she slept all night no problem.  It must be a bug.  The next day she tried some yoghurt and by tea time she had mashed potato (not something I would have expected her ask for) and she managed it and even asked for seconds.  We discussed with her if she would like to try the melatonin again and she did.  So Friday evening we gave it a second try, she slept from 10pm to 8am, not struggling to go to sleep, it was fantastic, and again she commented on how much better she felt.  


This is how she looked (so happy).  So she had it again Saturday and Sunday night and slept 10pm until 8am and here we are on Monday.  

I was desperately hoping that the Melatonin would help but I never expected it to be this dramatic.  Not only is she sleeping but her behaviour has changed dramatically.  She hasn’t had anywhere near as many meltdowns as she would normally, she is much more tolerant of her little brother and today our first day back at home schooling went fantastically well.  She actually did some writing which is something she point blank refused to do last term!! I am truly amazed.  I know it wont work for everyone and she may get a tolerance to it but I would be happy to have 1 night/day a week like this.  We are going to give her breaks over the weekends and school holidays so hopefully she will get plenty of benefit from it.  I can’t believe we have avoided this stuff for years.

So here is hoping that our first week of home education is going to be a wonderful thing with a happy, relaxed and calm girl.  God it feels good to be optimistic for a change x



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