Home Education was the right choice

So home educating has started again in our house.  The little one is back at school and in year 3 and doing very well.  Jamie is home learning lots.  We try and stick to the same things each week but if there is something she wants to learn then I am happy to do that instead.  Who wouldn’t embrace a child that asks to learn something?

So Jamie has asked me if she can learn life skills.  So far we’ve learned how to separate whites from colours, what cycles to use for what washes, how much liquid and softener to put in the machine and what gets tumble dried! I’m not expecting her to remember any of it but the more she does it the more she will remember.  She wants to learn about money and things like reading a bus time table (as she is convinced she will never drive).  So we’ve combined a bit or bus time table work in with our maths – great.

We’ve done the usual, swimming, horse riding, library visit, literacy, maths, science and history.  We use education city for online work and worksheets and Jamie had forgot how much fun it was.  She prefers the online work to the work sheets as she hates to write, but we manage with both and then we explore whatever she is interested in.  Some times we get nothing done – see example below.  But that’s okay because she isn’t just learning from the curriculum, she is learning from her surroundings and her life.

This week I registered for a Photoshop course and asked if Jamie could come along.  A computer qualification at 9 would be great.  Unfortunately the course was cancelled due to lack of interest but we came home and we taught ourselves (or Jamie taught me).  We have had  a great few hours on Photoshop, so I will be looking out for other courses that we might be able to attend together, or a hobby that we can enjoy.

I am so glad we chose to home educate because we had a really relaxed summer holiday, with no anxiety about going back to school.  Last night on the http://www.kiddieclinic.co.uk website that i run we had a Senco answering questions in our Expert Session.  I followed the whole session and felt so relieved that I am not in that situation any longer.  Those families having to fight and fight for what is best for their children.  I am so lucky to be in the position that I am in to be able to teach my child at home.  And for all of the people who say “I don’t know how you do it” or “I don’t know how you cope”, “I couldn’t do it” – you could because you do anything for your kids.

If anyone is considering home education and would like some advice I will happily answer any questions I can.  I don’t claim to be an expert but I know my child and that’s all you need.

Jamie's literacy worksheet

Jamie’s literacy worksheet



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