Life Skills – shopping and much more

So part of our life skills was to go shopping, so we went to Morrison’s on Saturday.  We made a list of the things we needed, made sure we had our trolley coin and off we went.  I should have really planned it better but with Joe being poorly all last week it was an off the cuff thing.  Next time i’d like her to pay with real money etc as this time I just paid with my card and i’m not sure that’s going to help her at all.  I’m thinking a small budget and a small list and seeing how we get on.  But anyway, back to Morrison’s.  It didn’t go too badly, we got everything on the list (apart from Joe’s crisps which were sold out), we had a few meltdowns over noise but nothing too serious.  Now that it’s not summer she doesn’t like the chilled aisles so we did those with speed.  She had a go with the test make up (as she always does) (see below).


And we went down the “Seasonal Aisle”.  The “Seasonal Aisle” is my favourite and usually the kids, but Jamie was very frustrated.  In her words “what the hell”, “They have Christmas stuff out and no Halloween things – this is ridiculous” she then continued to rant on about why would someone need an advent calendar in September …

This gave me an idea for part of our life skills.  So I told Jamie not to worry about the seasonal aisle just now and on Monday as part of our life skills we will write Morrison’s a letter explaining how odd we found it that there is an aisle full of Christmas stuff and no Halloween things.  That way she can get it off her chest and lean how to communicate with people via letter. 

It took some work but here is what we ended up with: (we learned where to put addresses and dates etc but I haven’t included personal details here)

Dear Sir or Madam,

On Saturday I was shopping in your store with my mum.  We looked down the “Seasonal Aisle” and although I personally find it too early for Christmas Stock I was more shocked to find that there was no Halloween Products.  

As we are approaching October I would have expected there to be Halloween stuff, costumes, sweets etc.  How as a 9 year old child do you expect me to choose a costume for Halloween if you simply have none?

I think you may have a dodgy diary or your holidays confused.  Halloween is way before Christmas and also Bonfire night.  I think you should look at this as a priority.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter,

Yours Sincerely

Miss Jamie Young


The next Life Skills request from Jamie was to look after a baby, so we have this arranged for Wednesday.  Will let you know how that one goes 🙂





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