Baby Sitting

So as part of Jamie’s life skills she asked if we could look after her baby cousin, as Jamie wants to get married and have babies when she is older and would love to see what it is like to “really” look after a baby …

So today we had Lara Lou Lou (that’s not her real name, she is just Lara) and she is 1 on Tuesday, so she’s at the age where she is in to everything.  She is a very happy and well behaved baby, she didn’t cry at all today, she didn’t winge either, in fact she’s the baby you’d want if you had a baby.

So we picked her up at 8.30am ready for the school run, the kids were very excited to have her with us.  So excited Jamie was awake by 7am (not a time she has seen recently) and Joe was a good boy getting ready for school (not somthing I have seen recently).  We dropped Joe off and came home for breakfast, Jamie entertained Lara in her pushchair while I prepared the weetabix.  She devoured it! Then I tried to give her a bottle, which she refused cos she was so busy playing with Jamie!

Keeping her occupied before breakfast

Keeping her occupied before breakfast


Then with the help of Jamie’s Care Bear we got her to have her bottle and go to sleep.


She had a quick half an hour and Jamie nipped on her Ipod (while I sat next to Lara) then she was back up and wanting to play again.  So they played with toys and watched a bit of Playhouse Disney.  Then Lara put her arms out to Jamie as if to say “I want on your knee to watch this” (So I sat them on the floor cos was so worried with Jamie’s Dyspraxia what could happen if she fell off the sofa).

Watching Busby

Watching Busby

In amongst all of this I had done the nappy changes – with not much interest from Jamie to help!! She also didn’t want to help with feeding.

So next we went for some fresh air and a walk down the river.  Jamie held the dog (first) and I pushed the pram.  Jamie didn’t like the feel of the ground under her feet (she had shoes on) so we had to go a different way.  But it was a nice day and we got some fresh air.

Next it was Lunch and we decided to go to Wetherspoons.  We could meet my sister for half an hour (Lara’s mam) have something to eat and then back home for Joe from school.  So we had lunch, we popped into Tesco, Jamie kept an eye on Lara in her pram (telling me how cute she was etc).  Then we nipped to visit my stepmam, picked Joe up from school and back home for tea.  It was obvious Lara was having an awful time teething as her cheeks were burning and she just wanted to chew anything and everything.  So Jamie brought down her “Bubba Bag” This was a big hit, her favourite toy being the mobile phone.

So with not too long now until my sister comes to pick her up Jamie turns to me and says “mam it’s been a lovely day, but i’m not 100% sure about having a baby, I might get a puppy first!”


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