Have a Minecraft Christmas

The countdown to Christmas has started and lots of people have already started their shopping.  For most families with children on the Autistic Spectrum, Christmas can be very daunting.  It’s overwhelming, not routine and can cause huge sensory overload.

What do you buy for a child with ASD? Well I would recommend finding out what their current obsession is and taking it from there.  Most I would predict are currently obsessed with Minecraft and for those who aren’t why not introduce them to it. You can get Minecraft on many different platforms, PC, X Box and some handheld devices.  For those who are already obsessed with the game here are a few other ideas.






There is a huge range of books including:

a kindle edition of Minecraft House Ideas for £1.99 and many unofficial guides.  You can get plush toys, figures, mugs, caps, posters, calendars …

I would recommend going to Amazon and searching Minecraft, there is so much available.

For those who aren’t interested in Minecraft but like Pokemon, the release of Pokemon X & Y is this Saturday 12th October. You can also get a Pokemon 3DS XL.


Nintendo also have the release of the Nintendo 2DS on Friday 11th October.Image

If you’re after something more sensory then I can personally recommend Leanne’s Weighted Blankets https://www.facebook.com/LeannesWeightedBlankets with lots of designs at a reasonable price, take a look at her facebook page for more details.


The Doodle Dome (which is available at Argos, The Entertainer, Amazon, Very and many more toy stores for around £23).  It is a black out tent that you can doodle inside and the doodles glow in the dark.  So if you don’t have room for a Dark Den this could be worth a look.


And finally a Body Sock, again I can personally recommend from Skweezers http://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/skweezrs


Based in the US she will post to the UK and her prices are very reasonable.  The socks are made to measure and you choose your own colours.  She also does skweezers lycra sheets which I have yet to try but look fantastic.  I have bought Jamie a body sock for her birthday and including postage from the US it was £25 and it looks great.


Don’t forget in the run up before Christmas keep your eyes open for special offers on I Tunes Gift Cards.  People have told me they have got £25 vouchers for £12.50!! If you’re kids use I Tunes that’s a great deal.  I have personally had the £15 for £10 which again is a great deal.


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