Pumpkins, Melatonin & a couple of days away!!

Lets start with the melatonin.  It had basically stopped working, I tried to get her off the Ipod before bed and she refused, then I ordered her a book Dead Famous Winston Churchill (as we’re learning about World War 2) and she loved it.  That night I suggested putting the Ipod down at 9pm when she takes her melatonin and then having half an hour with her book before bed.  She happily did this and has done this for nearly a week now – we’ve actually had 6 good nights in a row!!

The kids have never done a pumpkin and I would never let them use the knife they would need to carve a pumpkin.  We recently got them a Kiddies Food Kutter each http://www.kiddiesfoodkutter.co.uk so thought they would be good to use.  They were better than good – they were fantastic.  I used them on my own pumpkin and they really made light work of it!! I can’t wait for next year, such a great activity to do with the little one’s.


Then me and hubby had a couple of days away in Newcastle.  The in laws came and looked after the kids.  We got a deal on a 2 nights stay so decided a bit of shopping and few drinks would be a nice way to relax.  We stayed centrally and on arrival had a walk down the Quayside.  We stopped for tea at the Lloyds Bar (but the food wasn’t up to much, although it was cheap) we had gone there for a pint after we finished the Great North Run a couple of years ago so decided to visit the pub again.  Anyway we moved on down the Quayside, which was very nice and stopped in a bar along the front (can’t remember the name).  I ordered a pint and was gob smacked when it cost me £4.95!! That was the first and last drink in there.  The next day we did a few shops stopping in coffee shops and bars up in the city.  Much more reasonable and some brilliant shops there, especially one called The Travelling Man – can’t wait to go back.  We went to the Cinema (something we haven’t done without the kids for a long time).  After the cinema we went for some snacks in Yates (Southern fried chicken strips to die for – yum yum) and they sell my favourite wine so huge bonus.  Then the next day back to The Travelling Man and Primark for a Christmas jumper!! We had lovely weather (cold but sunny) was a lovely few days.  We finished it off by visiting the Angel of the North.

Last night I took the kids Trick or Treating.  Joe wasn’t feeling very well so we went out early.  They had such a good time and Jamie loves to dress up for Halloween.  She wasn’t too impressed with the Trick or Treat part but she loved spending time cuddling her “mortal dog”.  Joe was happy to have a bag full of sweets!


Unfortunately even though Jamie is now sleeping Joe has been up since 2am this morning with a temperature and headache.  I think I would rather him be ill from too much Halloween treats 😦


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