A good bedtime routine & learning too!

We have finally cracked it.  For 2 weeks we have stuck to a routine and it seems to be working well.  No electronics after 9pm, 2mg of Melatonin and then half an hour of reading.  Lights out at 9.30pm and for 2 weeks now (apart from one 4am wake up) she hasn’t woken up before 7/8am.  In the last 2 weeks she has read around 10 Horrible Histories Books and a couple of Dead Famous books too.  Some of these books she has read more than once.

downloadNew addition to her collection, which she loves and fits in perfectly with our WW2 Topic.

Now that Jamie knows the Melatonin won’t work properly if she stays on her Ipod and she has felt the benefits of a goodnights sleep she is more than happy with this routine.  It has also reignited her passion for reading.  A well rested child changes everything, we have got so much more work done at home, it is more fun and enjoyable too.  We have actually nearly finished the year 5 Science on Education City and we haven’t even finished a complete term!!

I really do want Jamie to have a break from the Melatonin at some point (I was hoping for weekends & school holidays) but so far this has not happened.  I will give it a try over the Christmas holidays and see how we go.

They say the most important item in your make up kit is a good nights sleep!!


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