Jamie’s 26 Days of Christmas

Our Christmas starts every year on 30th November.  The tree goes up ready for the start of Advent.  This year Joe decided he would like to have a white tree and as his birthday is Christmas Day, what the boy wants he gets.  He picked a fibre optic one and some gold decorations.  So the fun began.

Joe wasn’t interested in doing the tree so Jamie got the decorating job … when I eventually got them sorted!! They all needed threading and lots didn’t have holes so I had to use a knife to get a hole in them! Took me a long time … but it was worth it.


She had so much fun, she split the decorating into sections so that it wouldn’t be bare in any places.  She did the big baubles first and they went half way down and below, then she went for the small baubles half way and up!! She placed the star on top and stood back to admire her work.

Next she set up her Willow Tree Nativity on the mantle piece.  The Advent Calendars are either side and we are ready for Father Christmas to visit tonight.  He always comes to us on 30th November and leaves Jamie’s presents under the tree.  She can then choose one per day for advent and we always keep something special for Christmas Day.

So you can imagine it is pretty exciting in our house at the moment, next on the agenda is a Christmas Movie before bed and then tomorrow our local Christmas light switch on.  So I have some family members coming for that, not sure how she will cope but she is well prepared and Joe is doing a lantern parade which she wants to watch so fingers crossed.

I will keep you all updated on what she opens throughout advent and how it goes, but it has always worked well in the past 🙂


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