A wonderful day


So it’s 4th December and the 4th Day of Advent.  Jamie was up and dressed as she new we had to go to Carlisle to return something.  Carlisle is a 3 hourish round trip for us, but she was happy to go as she new it was needed.  So before we went she opened her Advent and she got a Tetris Game from Joe for her 3DS.  So far she has had Horrible Histories Series 5 DVD, Dead famous Elvis Book, The Sims 3 Movie Stuff Pack and Tetris, so she is not doing too badly!!

So Jamie knew we would go to the Club Shop to return the coat, then into the City to go into Superdrug and Lush and then Wetherspoons for lunch and home to collect Joe from school.

We arrived at the Club Shop only to find it is closed on a Wednesday 😦 To say we were gutted is an understatement.  So thinking what I could do to avoid a return trip I popped into the ticket office.  They said they couldn’t help 😦 I explained how far we had traveled previously to buy the faulty coat and now to return and how I could only come because I had massively prepared Jamie for the trip and that we wouldn’t be able to come again.  It took a while to get anything sorted but eventually she said I could leave the coat with her and she will get the Club Shop to ring me tomorrow to do a refund over the phone.  Fingers crossed.

So next into the city and to Superdrug – see photo below



If Jamie has to go shopping she will only go if she can use the test make up, she loves it.  This particular Superdrug is much bigger than our local one so she had a fab time.  The lady in that section came to tell me that my daughter was a mess and did I want some wipes (her face was a picture (the lady)), so I explained that this was one of her favourite things to do and she didn’t want to look pretty she wanted to look like a Native American lol (again her face was quite a picture).

Next to Lush, we don’t have a Lush near us so if we get to one I stock up on my skin care and Jamie has a smell of everything in there and decides which bath bomb she would like.  She came out with a Phoenix Rising and covered in glitter.  Lush is fantastic and if you catch it when it’s not too busy they will show you demonstrations of everything, – this is great for the kids with bubbles and colours.

Next to Wetherspoons for some lunch, she played Tetris while she ate and seems to be really enjoying it.  I had ago for nostalgia purposes but it’s not the same 😦

On the way back to the car there was a lady doing a demonstration for Polo Pancho, Jamie was very interested.  The demo was fab and I was sold immediately.  3 for £25 so one for Jamie, one for me and one for my mam! Unfortunately they don’t have a website but I think you can get them from ebay etc, unless you’re in and around Carlisle or Consett County Durham.


They are brilliant for motorbike riders and horseriders (we’ve been looking for something to fit under her helmet for ages).

Then walking past H&M she spots a Fedora she likes, pop in to have a look and it’s only £5.99.  For being such an amazing girl I said she could have it 😉


So she had a great day and she would go again! I am thrilled.  Came home got her brother from school, walked the dog (something she never usually accompanies me with) then we baked cakes.  And I have a new food (well sweet) to add to her list.  What a wonderful day.





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