I can’t believe it is 13th December already, there is no need to wish cos Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye!

So far our Advent is going brilliantly.  Well that’s when she actually wants to open a present, some days i’m still reminding her at 7pm that she hasn’t had her present yet.

I’m going to go backwards with what she has open so far.  Today she hasn’t bothered yet!

12th December – Malteasers & £5

11th December – Mocking J Bracelet and Christmas Joke Book (she had been sick this day and the Mocking J bracelet really picked her up)

10th December – a Christmas Jumper to watch Joe’s Christmas Play in.

9th December – A book about Pudsey the dog who won BGT (this was from Roxy)

8th December – Dairy Milk & £10, which she spent on some audi earmuffs from Kidsound (they are so cool I got myself some).

7th December – Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book

6th December – Master Crooks book by Terry Deary

5th December – Probably her favourite present yet Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 for the PC

Major achievements this week have been a new horse at horseriding and actually leading her back to the stable (something she has never done before), Going to her brother Christmas Performance, a days Christmas shopping and being poorly but not making too much of a meal of it 🙂

She makes me proud everyday ❤

702371_10152010664312954_469024705_n 1420437_10152006103717954_2021352106_n 1420657_10152000998907954_1235406119_n 1472153_10152010248532954_87182604_n 1472347_10152000801367954_90679342_n 1473926_10152006103492954_503118175_n 1474847_10152003141152954_1298323302_n 1474738_10152008599687954_630886520_n 1476928_10152008605537954_1787328386_n 1479621_10152016089862954_814344764_n 1481836_10152012989877954_1445864698_n 1488593_10151998570972954_1869669181_n




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