Back to the routine

Isn’t it lovely to get back into a routine? Over Christmas and New Year I totally lost track of the days and it’s lovely to be back with it again.  We spent Christmas and New Year at my hubby’s parents and although it meant we got plenty of us time (few trips to the pub etc) it’s hard for Jamie being out of her comfort zone and Joe is such a social butterfly it’s hard for him not having friends to play with.


Joe went back to school on Monday and so we got straight back into our Home Education and life skills, life skills had to take a back seat when the washer broke and the kitchen flooded (totally separate incidents) but we are all sorted and ready to have another go next week.  Although Joe is poorly and will definitely be off school tomorrow.

We got back to horseriding on Friday which was brilliant, (even though I forgot Jamie’s hat and accessories to keep the cold out and even though she had a meltdown) once she saw Penny the horse she was fine and had a wonderful lesson followed by our usual trip to Wetherspoons for lunch.

Hubby is decorating which so far hasn’t been too bad.  She likes the colour of the downstairs bathroom so long as nothing is illuminous she says it will be fine.  She has however expressed her upset at getting rid of our sofa and “her special chair”, unfortunately it is due an updating and while hubby has been decorating he managed to get gloss on the sofa 😦 She will have a very important part in choosing the new furniture.


This is “her special chair”.

While we were away over Xmas Jamie’s IPad arrived from Hearts and Minds and it is amazing.  We have downloaded some great apps which I will blog about once we’ve had some time to test them all.  But one of her favourites is Art of Glow.


We came home from the Inlaws on the train which she absolutely loved, so I have promised more train journeys in the future, but unfortunately due to the weather recently our trains have been halted, so hopefully they will be up and running again soon.


We have made a couple of fab purchases too, firstly our new sandwich cutters available from

I even had a peanut butter sandwich using them for my lunch today!!


This has just been ordered and it is so so cute and I just can’t wait for it to arrive


And for me this wonderful wine glass!!


I have no idea where this is from as it’s a birthday present from my mam (21 again tomorrow!!)

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and hope the first week back at school hasn’t been too hard for all involved 🙂



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