Sibling Tantrums :(

Oh dear, today I was the lady in Tesco’s with the child having a meltdown and everyone was staring, the old folk were tutting and I was a bad mother and I should discipline my child, but then if I had smacked his bum (which I don’t do BTW) I would have had different stares and different tuts.  I can handle this normally as it happens on every trip to the shops, however today Jamie “the autistic one” was a little angel.  She helped me to get the shopping and put it in the trolley and she even did some maths along the way.  It was Joe “the NT one” that had the meltdown from hell and I really didn’t know how to deal with this one.  

When Jamie is having a meltdown and people stare I have this almighty strength to stare back or say something or simply explain, but with Joe I just wanted the whole world to swallow me up.  Nothing I said or did could calm or stop him and it was like having an out of body experience.  He pushed the trolley into people, he push me, he pushed his sister, he ran off and hid from me and I am almost sure that everyone in that shop was staring at  me thinking I was an unfit mother.  

At the till he climbed up onto the windowsill and sobbed his heart out and told me how sorry he was.  

So now I am home and I am having a large hot chocolate to calm myself and Joe … he is on an X Box ban!

Please tell me I am not the only one that has a sibling who thinks it is ok to use learned behaviour? 



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