Home Education & the kindness of strangers

We hit an obstacle with Times Tables that we couldn’t go any further on Education City without knowing them.  So we decided we would do some intensive Times Tables.

We found a few good resources one of them being a game called Moon Maths from Primary Resources http://www.primaryresources.co.uk/online/moonmaths.swf  You choose which tables you want to do and it’s an interactive game where aliens pop up out of the moon.  It is a fast game so good for keeping Jamie on her toes.  I will also be using this with Joe on the weekends too as he needs to keep working on his tables.

We also started using a website called Classroom Secrets http://www.classroomsecrets.co.uk/ you can download lots of resources, some for free but if you want access to everything a subscription will cost £15 a year.  £15 well spent I say.  This an example of what we used to learn the 4 times tables.  We spread the cards out on the table and Jamie matched them up.  Now she knows her 4’s!!

Screenshot (9)

We have also been using the Topic resources on Classroom Secrets too.  Being How to Train your Dragon obsessed the Viking Topic work is very cool.  Her favourite activity so far was creating viking sword names.  I can’t wait to do more of the topic work with her.  Using this site is not only fun but for someone like Jamie who is Dyspraxic there are so many activities that don’t involve writing.  Last week we did Perimeters, again like the times tables it’s a matching game, I also did that one with Joe when he was off school poorly.  So if you have more than one child the value is even better!!

We have ordered a couple of maths games from Argos a Times Table Lotto & Brain Box Maths.  Can’t wait to start playing 🙂 Who knew maths could be fun???

Now onto the kindness of strangers.  This week we have had 2 deliveries.  The first one came from our friends over at Toys Aucross America https://www.facebook.com/ToysAUcrossAmerica?fref=ts, here is their FB page they ship toys across America to kids on the Spectrum.  One day no doubt Michael and his son will conquer the world and that is their plan, to ship to kids all over the world.  So shipping to Jamie was a little experiment.  She was so chuffed when the parcel arrived all the way from America.

1621950_670180803024069_652277122_n 1743238_10152125170542954_904356180_n


We changed the address for a bit of fun (Adams Family Fans will get it) but I didn’t mean to Photoshop the picture into a rude finger gesture.  Jamie wanted a compact mirror to look at her teeth, so Toy Aucross America sent her a Compact Mirror Speaker, it is so cool, she can listen to her music and look at her teeth at the same time!!

The second parcel we got was from a lady I had met through the Gumigem page.  She has a page called Crayon Box https://www.facebook.com/crayonbox13?fref=ts it is well worth a look as she has some fab products.  We got Russian Dolls (me and Jamie both love Russian Dolls) but Joe is desperate for the Lego Crayons so I will be ordering some for him soon.



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