I am sorry it has been a while since I did a blog.

I was spurred on to do this after reading about a lady with twins who they called “the birthday grinch” who had put on the bottom of her girls birthday party invitations “no presents please your presence is enough”

My first thoughts were the difference between my children.  Jamie doesn’t really have a party more of a get together with a couple of girls and they are close and tend to find out what she would like for her birthday.  Joe however Xmas Birthday Boy had a party in the summer last year so that he could enjoy it and he ended up with £100+ in his cards at is party.

That made me realise that whenever we go to a party we also put £10 in the card and the amount of parties we attend it soon adds up, so for more than one child this can be an expensive game.  As parents we don’t have parties for our children so that they can get presents, we have them so that they can enjoy their birthday with their friends around them.

So I am seriously considering doing the same thing myself in the future, or something my kids have suggested is to ask for donations to charity rather than presents or money for them.

So I will ponder this, it’s 4 months until Jamie’s birthday and 6 until Joe’s, but I would be interested to know what other people think/do?

See below link to original story:


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