If you’ve got a child that like to balance their drinks on the sofa, bed, etc then this cup is for you.  If you have a child that regularly drops their drinks, then this cup is also for you.  Jamie does both of these things, she also spills all down her front when drinking.  We have been using sports style bottles up until now, but unless the lid is closed and the bottle isn’t cross threaded it doesn’t quite do the job.

We decided we would try the Litecup.  We didn’t need the nightlight part as Jamie likes totally darkness when sleeping but you have a child who likes a night light then this is an added bonus as the light is very good.  You can however simply turn the light off with the push of a button.

Light onLight off

We bought our cup from Love Amber X and chose a purple one (you get a choice of 6 colours or a clear one) we chose purple as it’s Jamie’s calming colour.  It was £8 plus postage and was delivered very quickly.

At first Jamie refused to use the cup as she likes her bottles, but I explained that one day she is going to spill her bottles all over her, I Pad or Laptop and she agreed to try.  You basically suck any part of the outside of the lid and water comes out.  It is fab!!


You can tip it upside down or any way you like and there will be no spills!!



We often find Jamie’s bottles like this on the sofa or the bed and a big puddle of water too! This is great she can put it where she likes and we don’t have to worry.  I can fill it up and put it in my bag when out and about and it’s not going to leak.


Can you see it lay behind her on the sofa? It is just wonderful.  The other bonus is that the light is quite calming so before bed she has the light on for a little while and it seems to be quite soothing.

We will definitely be ordering another one for her in another colour.



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