Benidorm Part 2

I was worried about Day 2, but Jamie woke up feeling refreshed and was happy to come to the nearest pub so that myself, hubby and Joe could have breakfast.  She wanted to wait until lunch time and have some Chicken Dippers again.  The nearest pub was literally over the road so off we went.  The Jukebox Bar was amazing, free Wifi, relaxed atmosphere, pool tables for Joe and they sold Pepsi Light & Quavers!! We ordered our breakfasts and asked Jamie if she would like to try toast? If she didn’t like it Joe would eat it anyway.  She thought this was a good idea and as she’d tried Chicken Dippers she was on a role.  When the toast arrived she was a little nervous but she had a bite and she loved it.  So now she eats toast (you all know how good that feels).


So for the next week we spent our time between the pool and the bar and I have to say we have never had a more relaxing holiday.  Joe spent all day in the pool and when Jamie had enough she could chill on a sun lounger with her IPad.  We had planned to go to the Waterparks and Animals parks but it was too hot and Jamie wouldn’t go any further than the pub across the road.  This turned out to be quite beneficial as Joe made a little friend who loved Pokemon and they invited Jamie to play with them in the pool.  Normally she would just ignore them and do her own thing but as this included one of her interests she gave it a go and had a great time.  I haven’t seen her play with another child other than Joe on the Wii U, this was another amazing achievement.


The times that we did venture out went ok.  Joe desperately wanted to see the hotel that Benidorm was filmed at and he wanted to see Neptunes Bar.  He also wanted to play Mini Golf so we decided to combine the walk so that we only had to do it once (we were up a hill).  Although Jamie did moan and said she was going to die she was controllable.  She enjoyed mini golf but it was too hot so she only did half of it and then we went to find shade while Joe finished his holes.



The only other thing Jamie wanted was a Fan and a Hair Braid.  Luckily we didn’t have to go far for these and she extremely happy with both.

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Jamie has said she loves Spain, she says they do brilliant food (I don’t think she realises the dippers and bread were English) and she wants to make Benidorm our annual holiday, especially as she knows what to expect now.  Myself and hubby were not impressed with our accommodation especially for what we paid (yes we used our Family Fund voucher but we had to put another £400 towards the accommodation).  It was very dated and not particularly clean, the pool side was covered in fag ash and we never saw it get cleaned the week that we were there.  The staff were great but when I think of spending £900 on that apartment when we could have got a villa for that price.

The journey home was much the same as the journey there, lots of excitement.  Both kids enjoyed the aiport and the flight and again for Jamie it was like being on a swing.

So now we are back we will be looking into going again next year and keeping the memories fresh in her mind.  Apart from the first day the rest of the holiday was amazing.  here are a few happy photos …




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